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Welcome to the new Ford Mondeo, a huge improvement on previous models of the Mondeo. The New Mondeo screams quality and refinement with it sleek lines and swept back headlights, not to mension a dictinct front grille.

The interior of the new Mondeo is as high quality as the exterior, finished to a very high standard. It also boasts a host of new technology such as Run Flat Tyres, Adaptive cruise control and Easy Fuel Capless refuelling.


Great car we had a Mondeo Estate we bought the car when it was 3years old and kept it for nearly 8 years it never let us down other than a flat battery reason we got rid was it started costing money in the 8th year for repairs so we decided it had to go we have seen it still on the road so Mondeos keep up the good work if i won the lottery i would buy a up to date Mondeo

Anonymous - 11th Jan 2011 21:38:19
James Talbet 
A Pleaure to drive!

I chose the new Mondeo over the Vectra as a company car and I haven't been disappointed at all. The New Mondeo is a big car and with its elevated driving position, 7 airbags and 5 star ncap rating is feels safe which is important to someone who spends most of the day driving the motorways.

The drive and handling is smooth and 1.8 diesel engine gives me good miles to the gallon but still has a bit of punch to it.

As a family man and a business man the New Modeo makes perfect sence.

James Talbet - 7th Jul 2008 21:45:33
So much better than the old ford Mondeo

The new Ford Mondeo is much better than the old Mondeo!!! It has so much more class, its hinting to the site of jag, prolly cos Ford own jag??

Anyway I dont't have one, I have the old mondeo but I would luuuve a new mondeo!!! My local ford dealership might so me test driving it every month soon. :o)

Julian - 18th May 2008 10:37:13
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 Mondeo Exterior
 Mondeo Exterior
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