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Ford S-Max

Ford are looking to raise the bar in the MPV market with the Ford S-Max. Its a good looking vehicle that seems to be very appealling to the younger generation who have had to give up their sports coupe's with their expanding famlies.

The Ford S-Max throws itself forward with a aerodynamic sporty body shape and delivers an exciting drive to match.

With a wide choice of models, the Edge, Zetec and Titanium, the Ford S-Max has opened it up to a huge market for all lifestyles and most budgets.

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Ford S-Max Cost
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Average cost per new unit
Ford S-Max MPG
Fuel Efficiency *
Miles Per Gallon (combined)
54.3 mpg
Ford S-Max CO2
CO2 Emissions *
Grams of CO2 per kilometre driven
139 g/km
5 Stars
TEST 2006
Adult Occupant Protection
Adult Occupant Protection
Score: 36
Child Occupant Protection
Child Occupant Protection
Score: 39
Pedestrian Protection
Pedestrian Protection
Score: 13
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